Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boredom Boxes & Will Promotion be my demise or accomplishment?

There really is a fine line between getting people to be interested in your product or having them overlook it because its just another person trying to make money. I truly want my husband to succeed but I can't figure out ways to let people know about his work without seeming like an annoyance or just another solicitor.This is our livelihood & his passion and if we sit dormant without letting people know there's a new shop people won't think to call him when they need new brakes pads because they wont knowwww.ugh. Also if i'm constantly yammering about it like a creditor or spammer it's gonna get over-looked :(
I'm really interested in any ideas on how to get word out in a productive way because he's always fixed cars,just not always had a shop of his own?

(Chuckling) Sorry I had too...BUT SEE!! People are so used to seeing everyone advertise that they over look it...when It really is a great place, I need ideas! please!::batting eyelashes:: ANYWAYS ON ANOTHER NOTE (back to mommyhood.) I rarely get to watch TV in fact my girlfriends are my cable network because they keep me up to date on weather disasters & politics & who's pregnant & important things like that,anyway my kids slept in & I actually got to watch an entire segment of the morning show & who knew those 15 min. would CHANGE MY LIFE. I now proudly introduce to you mommies/aunties/nannies:

I like to try & let them use their little imagination with dollies or go outside & swim or skate,but the boredom bug will attack and if you're prepared,this is something special they will remember their mom doing for them for years to come & IT WILL SAVE YOUR SANITY,mine has all kinds of crayola color wonders books & googly eyes & empty paper towel rolls & puff balls & glitter & name it.I wanna make love to you ::cough cough:: I mean I love you boredom're my best friend.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hot Rods,Hot Dogs & A Man-Made Lake

What a freakin' awesome testosterone-filled weekend! I think the man sweat was even seeping from the female's pores! A much-needed/Unexpectedly amazing time! (ummm probably unexpected cause it was meant to be uber enjoyed by my husband and I was the sailor jumping in Hot Rods and seeing how much BBQ I could fit in my tummy! (too much,btw.)

Soooo pretty much I've been married for so long I've become a She-man from having to do so many guy things (face it ladies,how many of you can get your man to go to the spa or nail salon or actually hang out at the mall and window shop? (if you can,don't tell me cause mine won't & I don't wanna hear about it,that would be a lil fruity though.)

It started with a Hot Rod car show at church with a very nice service on daddy's,lesson?much easier to become a father then to be one. There was some amazing cars,Liberace's candelabra car,one that the paint job made it really look engulfed with flames & a "kid mobile" (which I wouldn't be caught dead driving) but it was awesome non the less:) it had a chalk board around the outside of it & was smothered in etch-a-sketches & hot wheels & candy dispensers on the inside

Then...Father's Day Sunday...IDEAL. My girls woke their much loved daddy up with a sweet little breakfast & a laundry basket of gear to wear to the lake for the day on our new vessel! Is it normal I get excited there's a corvette motor in our boat?

I love my boats name & the wind & water,Vegas isn't the prettiest but boating is a fabulous way to have family time!!

When we were at church and my little brother was getting baptized, Hannah said she wanted to "get appetized" I know she was hungry though it was dinner time,We had big horn sheep up close & checking us out while we were parked on the beach,it was very neat.I accidentally texted my mom the list of the last things I needed to get for the lake,she thought it was her list & bought it.I'm gonna do that more often to cut back my work.Horseflies do bite,ask my shoulder. My husband is the best daddy ever and I hope he felt appreciated,I know I did:)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I want to suck your cherry pie? (vampires & baking)

Bye guys,I'm outta here.Well just for a couple days that is.My body will be present,my mind won't. Don't worry the kids will be taken care of.Wes said he will pick up the slack for me to disappear into vampire land to earn his lovely Father's Day (even more then he already has). I actually bribed him with a homemade cherry pie so he would rub my shoulders while I read & I could feel like a queen:) I currently snagged a copy of Stephanie Meyers The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner. Me and A couple of my girlfriends are having a mini book club just before Eclipse comes out & I'm gonna get their little opinions on the novella too! :) I didn't know what to expect but reading the intro to it gave me great insight on why Stephanie's stories are so successful. She thinks about who what & why even the most minuscule characters cross the main characters paths and truly does her research on the places they go which makes her writing have so much believability & depth. If you are a twilight fan & haven't heard of the novella,please Google it:) My hubby had one gripe,while he was massaging he asked when I would be done reading & I said after I finish a chapter & an hour later it occurred to me there weren't any.I waited a little bit longer before filling him in on that though. Gotta get the loving when I have the time! :)

Before I would have a pie to bribe my husband with it started with Auntie Shannon teaching the girls how to pick good Cherries. Every good thing comes from hard work & I wouldn't have such an enticing way to bribe my hubby into becoming my personal masseuse without THIS moment pictured above.THANKS SHAN!

Hope everyone Is getting to do lotsa reading or swimming or Cherri picking or whatever it is that makes your summer peaceful :) Mel
Oh & p.s. I really don't know why that font is super huge up there? maybe its to match by big head from being such and amazing cook :) hehehe jk.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Holy Cow!I've been through thick & thin!

Jessica Simpson can be bloated from her Monthly visit from Mrs.Flow and she's "getting fat." any of these people know what it's like to really be over weight & be stared at in disgust?Or from another end of the spectrum,let exercise and weight loss be all consuming, finally achieve a healthy weight & instead of being told you look great,you keep getting asked if you're using drugs or starving yourself? which brings me to my next point:do it for yourself. People will always find something wrong with you,but you cannot actually lose (or gain) weight without wanting it for yourself,AND,if you are in the physical shape you want to be in,it's not gonna bother you when someone else gives their unsolicited opinion:)

"McDonald's in Tokyo is a terrible revenge for Pearl Harbor."

Here's the bottom line with weight loss from what I learned:
A.It really is moving your body as much & as often as possible.

B.It REALLY is watching what you put in your mouth.(no pasta is worth not loving your body.

C.It's a permanent lifestyle change.You can't achieve your goal weight then stuff your pie-hole with well..pies and become best friends with the couch & expect the fat to stay melted away.It's not how we're made up!

D.YOU have to ignore everyone else & do what you want because you want to.

E.DO NOT judge other people who are larger or smaller (you don't know their situation,it isn't always because of over-eating,sometimes it's an under-active thyroid or they're depressed or they have chronic knee or back problems & can't work out.)

F. Starvation diets don't work because nibbling on munchies is what jump starts your metabolism!

G.don't eat within 3 hrs. of bed

H.chug tons of icy cool H2O to cleanse that body and help you from over-eating!
I'm really proud of myself for learning how to do it & get really passionate when I talk about it,I'm feeling motivated to go forth & be healthy:) I hope the same for everyone else:) Happy Hump Day!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lightweight Division Championship,Kramer vs. Kockroach

It was a grueling round that lasted 3 min 55 sec. Kramer won by K.O.Okay I know most people can't make a blog about killing a BUG,but I can because THIS WAS MONUMENTAL "I can do all things through Christ" kinda stuff! side by side with that irrational fear of dentists,is one of,cccco-o-oc-c-k-roaches.EWWW! Makes me shutter just typing it. You know its summertime when one of those things crosses your path.

I can't even look at the picture I just that normal? Usually I startle them away by throwing (inanimate) objects at them.This one,was like 6 inches long and headed for the pantry,nothing was making it go away! Wes was 45 miles away and I can't make him come home to kill them anymore :( So it was time to face my fear,save my honey bunches of oats & face this creature. Palms sweaty,heart racing I just kept picturing the children's faces and how much they love their goldfish crackers & how this monster wanted to taint their Goldfish crackers.I didn't have it in me to squish it though.its guts would have stuck on my Coach (light-bulb goes off) CHEMICALS! BLEACH,RIGHT FOR THE CRANIUM! YESSSSSS!I DID IT.I'M PROUD.still nauseous from it though.
ON another note: (thank God the bug story is OVER)

Chloe was shivering after getting out of the pool last night and exclaimed: