Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Holy Cow!I've been through thick & thin!

Jessica Simpson can be bloated from her Monthly visit from Mrs.Flow and she's "getting fat." any of these people know what it's like to really be over weight & be stared at in disgust?Or from another end of the spectrum,let exercise and weight loss be all consuming, finally achieve a healthy weight & instead of being told you look great,you keep getting asked if you're using drugs or starving yourself? which brings me to my next point:do it for yourself. People will always find something wrong with you,but you cannot actually lose (or gain) weight without wanting it for yourself,AND,if you are in the physical shape you want to be in,it's not gonna bother you when someone else gives their unsolicited opinion:)

"McDonald's in Tokyo is a terrible revenge for Pearl Harbor."

Here's the bottom line with weight loss from what I learned:
A.It really is moving your body as much & as often as possible.

B.It REALLY is watching what you put in your mouth.(no pasta is worth not loving your body.

C.It's a permanent lifestyle change.You can't achieve your goal weight then stuff your pie-hole with well..pies and become best friends with the couch & expect the fat to stay melted away.It's not how we're made up!

D.YOU have to ignore everyone else & do what you want because you want to.

E.DO NOT judge other people who are larger or smaller (you don't know their situation,it isn't always because of over-eating,sometimes it's an under-active thyroid or they're depressed or they have chronic knee or back problems & can't work out.)

F. Starvation diets don't work because nibbling on munchies is what jump starts your metabolism!

G.don't eat within 3 hrs. of bed

H.chug tons of icy cool H2O to cleanse that body and help you from over-eating!
I'm really proud of myself for learning how to do it & get really passionate when I talk about it,I'm feeling motivated to go forth & be healthy:) I hope the same for everyone else:) Happy Hump Day!


  1. Wow you look great!! I have always being up and down with my weight. I was 96 lbs when I was in high school and in college I went up to 125 then down to 117 and now I'm at 106. I don't really try its just the routine changes.

    Thanks for the tips!

  2. thank you & welcome pretty! but seems to me you've always been tiny even fluctuating! lucky lucky duck,I was at 200 (shhh dont tell anyone;)now im about where you are! :) I lost a whole person! LMAO

  3. great job! Getting all the baby weight off is my quest, uhhgg it's sooo hard.

  4. Weight Loss is always such a bitch!! After two kids I can honestly say that I am a dieting professional.
    And your list of points is spot on!!
    P.S. I can see that you're one of the lucky ones that looks great when thin AND when heavier.
    Apparently I'm jealous now.....

  5. aww thanks ladies...this made my night <3