Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boredom Boxes & Will Promotion be my demise or accomplishment?

There really is a fine line between getting people to be interested in your product or having them overlook it because its just another person trying to make money. I truly want my husband to succeed but I can't figure out ways to let people know about his work without seeming like an annoyance or just another solicitor.This is our livelihood & his passion and if we sit dormant without letting people know there's a new shop people won't think to call him when they need new brakes pads because they wont knowwww.ugh. Also if i'm constantly yammering about it like a creditor or spammer it's gonna get over-looked :(
I'm really interested in any ideas on how to get word out in a productive way because he's always fixed cars,just not always had a shop of his own?

(Chuckling) Sorry I had too...BUT SEE!! People are so used to seeing everyone advertise that they over look it...when It really is a great place, I need ideas! please!::batting eyelashes:: ANYWAYS ON ANOTHER NOTE (back to mommyhood.) I rarely get to watch TV in fact my girlfriends are my cable network because they keep me up to date on weather disasters & politics & who's pregnant & important things like that,anyway my kids slept in & I actually got to watch an entire segment of the morning show & who knew those 15 min. would CHANGE MY LIFE. I now proudly introduce to you mommies/aunties/nannies:

I like to try & let them use their little imagination with dollies or go outside & swim or skate,but the boredom bug will attack and if you're prepared,this is something special they will remember their mom doing for them for years to come & IT WILL SAVE YOUR SANITY,mine has all kinds of crayola color wonders books & googly eyes & empty paper towel rolls & puff balls & glitter & name it.I wanna make love to you ::cough cough:: I mean I love you boredom're my best friend.

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