Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hot Rods,Hot Dogs & A Man-Made Lake

What a freakin' awesome testosterone-filled weekend! I think the man sweat was even seeping from the female's pores! A much-needed/Unexpectedly amazing time! (ummm probably unexpected cause it was meant to be uber enjoyed by my husband and I was the sailor jumping in Hot Rods and seeing how much BBQ I could fit in my tummy! (too much,btw.)

Soooo pretty much I've been married for so long I've become a She-man from having to do so many guy things (face it ladies,how many of you can get your man to go to the spa or nail salon or actually hang out at the mall and window shop? (if you can,don't tell me cause mine won't & I don't wanna hear about it,that would be a lil fruity though.)

It started with a Hot Rod car show at church with a very nice service on daddy's,lesson?much easier to become a father then to be one. There was some amazing cars,Liberace's candelabra car,one that the paint job made it really look engulfed with flames & a "kid mobile" (which I wouldn't be caught dead driving) but it was awesome non the less:) it had a chalk board around the outside of it & was smothered in etch-a-sketches & hot wheels & candy dispensers on the inside

Then...Father's Day Sunday...IDEAL. My girls woke their much loved daddy up with a sweet little breakfast & a laundry basket of gear to wear to the lake for the day on our new vessel! Is it normal I get excited there's a corvette motor in our boat?

I love my boats name & the wind & water,Vegas isn't the prettiest but boating is a fabulous way to have family time!!

When we were at church and my little brother was getting baptized, Hannah said she wanted to "get appetized" I know she was hungry though it was dinner time,We had big horn sheep up close & checking us out while we were parked on the beach,it was very neat.I accidentally texted my mom the list of the last things I needed to get for the lake,she thought it was her list & bought it.I'm gonna do that more often to cut back my work.Horseflies do bite,ask my shoulder. My husband is the best daddy ever and I hope he felt appreciated,I know I did:)

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  1. Looks like you all had so much fun!! We are looking into getting a boat... Beeracuda would fit our family too! (get it... BEERacuda?!) Wouldn't it be fun if we could all go out to the lake together with our beer boats?