Thursday, May 6, 2010

Edward & Melissa sitting in a tree...

I am NOT ashamed to be called a 'Twilight mom'(yes,there really is a stereotype labeled that!)Before children you take advantage of easily being able to do things non-parents do with ease,things like take a shower,do your hair & make-up & even go potty without interruption! Every woman (no matter how much they love their reality)needs to escape from time to time which takes skill & planning when you wanna plant your nose in a 400 page novel!

I like to come armed with a boredom preparedness kit no matter whatI'im doing,DMV,if i wanna play Wii with the hubby or read a will save your SANITY! Supplies may include but not be limited to: fruit snacks & juice boxes,coloring books & crayons,etch-a-sketches,travel tic-tac-toe,the list goes on and on without this i would not be able to find out If I (cough cough)I mean Bella ever becomes Mrs. Cullen...ahhhh

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  1. Oh. My. God. Can I unsubscribe? Just kidding! That's hilarious!