Friday, May 7, 2010

Im gonna sell them to the circus.

Ever since she mastered the skill of speech Tatiana (one of my 3 younger sisters) and I had it out for each NEVER occurred to me that the sweet-smelling bundles of joy i brought home would too someday mix like vinegar & baking soda,
I remember like it was yesterday telling Tatiana she was adopted and could NEVER be part of my club...its not because I thought anything was wrong with her, its because i went from being the center of my parents universe to being 'the big girl' ....and the one that had to share with the slobbery baby with a speech impediment,i thought if i was mean enough to her she'd go away! I wouldn't have to share my parents or my room anymore!
Don't get it twisted,I now ADORE my younger sisters who are fabulous aunties even though TO THIS day Tat and I are polar opposites and still bicker,I love her with all my heart & would do anything for her HOWEVER that's not where i was going with this,
I can't decide whether I want to get mediation or sell tickets to the ultimate fighting championship that sometimes breaks out under my roof,(could be a well paying side-job) I suppose if you live with someone and are around then all the time you're gonna get irritated,but MY BABIES?MY SWEET INNOCENT CHRISTIAN LITTLE BABIES ARE PLOTTING EACH OTHERS DEMISE?

I walk into the living room from talking in the garage with my mother; (that's my hiding spot if i want 2 min.of un-interrupted grown up convo)and sweet angelic Hannah is standing on the coffee table getting ready to sneak attack her twin sister from behind!When i walked in it was like she saw a ghost,"what are you doin' Hannah?'i asked "Getting ready to give Sadie exactly what she deserves"she said sheepishly.WTH? That's something someone says about their worst enemy! (kudos to her for her honesty) I guess sibling rivalry is as old as time beginning with Cain & Able and it was foolish of me to think i wasn't gonna have to endure many wrestling matches in my not-so-distant future.It's okay I was the oldest,the Professional big sister bully,and i can handle them.I think.


  1. Duuude. Did you not see Becky and me in high school? You should have been warned that twin sisters fight THE WORST. Wait til they can steal eachother's boyfriends.... then it's ON.

    On a side note, I'm so glad you started this blog. I've been so interested to get a little peek inside your life as a young mom with a bajillion kids! You should probably write a book.

  2. WELL.. if it makes you feel any better.. last time they spent the night.. I walked in as Sadie was clawing Hannah from behind.. as hannah was screaming for her to leave her alone ATTEMPTING to get up on my bed (for those of u who dont know.. it takes a ladder for small ones to climb up my insanely tall bed) and when "caught" THE FIRST THING out of Sadie the attackers mouth was"hannah wont quit fighting with me" my reply? Sadie.. all gma sees if YOU actively clawing at your sisters .. and Hannah's butt going the opposite direction.. "GRANDMAAAAAAAA YOU SAID BUTT!" ( I think my point was lost on her at that point!)

    SOF! THANKS FOR THE WARNING! OMG IM SCARED im so glad i know twins are fraternal tooo!!! help! lol maybe i should give them separate rooms?
    mom! thats hilarious when i say "booger" they all stop fighting to laugh.say booger or poop or butt to break up a Kramer quarrel lmao

  4. ummmm YOU CANT CALL ME MOM I logged in ANONYMOUS!!! ROFL!!! and plan on remaining as such... DONT WANT TO "recognize any stories where the "names" have been changed to protect the innocent!!!

  5. lmao mom you said grandma tho in your own story!!!! hahahahahahhahahahah

  6. EWWWWW... it would be sad if my job becomes "editor" of your pieces for accuracy LOL ... Tat had an issue with her speech because she rolled off my bed when she was 2 and knocked her left front tooth out clean from the root..WHEN it grew in @ 7 her speech was intact dorkage... LOL LOL LOL ..(lets not discuss pronouncements of "mountain" or "button" :wink:

    p.s.s. YOU JUST CALLED ME MOM AGAIN!!! damn ...your grounded

  7. lol...MOMMM dont correct amazing writing!!!!!!