Thursday, May 6, 2010

Meet Melissa..(if you haven't already)

Ok.My reason for caving in to this blogging craze is i think it'll be therapeutic,existential, and interesting for all my friends,family & whomever else wants to jump on the Kramer bandwagon! HI.I'm Mel. A 25 yr. old mother of 4 (yes I said 4) yes they're all mine,yes they're all my husbands! We're highschool sweethearts that probably woulda ended up reproducing ANYWAY but stuff happens & we started early.I was 17. My parents had high hopes for me as an honor roll student.God had higher hopes because my family couldn't be anymore entertaining & fulfilling then it already is. No it doesn't always turn out this way for teenage mothers and i was aware of that,abortion & adoption were NO option for me and I got lucky & I know it!:) First there's my husband Wes.A 29 yr. old Mr.Fix it Jack of all trades that owns a mechanics shop by the Las Vegas Speedway.I'm proud of him,he's also a type 1 diabetic.we've been through the good the bad & the ugly,then there's Chloe,my 8 yr.old going on 40 that never seizes to amaze me with her witty remarks, NEXT is the humor in my house, THE TWINS....SADIE &HANNAH..THEY'RE NUTS!<3>I'm not gonna sit here and pretend we live a perfect "Brady Bunch"life,because WE DON'T,We have however in all our trial & error learned to cope with the bad things be strong & move past them,and a lot of times laugh at them,which i'm sure is goin' to make for many interesting blogs to follow.


  1. okay cut me slack it's my first one...somehow the sentanse about my grand finale Caleb (my one yr. old got cut out of it?) grrrrr i hope i gwet this

  2. i hope you gwet it down too :)