Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nevermind,I won't sell them to the circus;)

There is no emotional roller coaster quite like having a family.You can go from wanting to use your husband as target practice to wanting to put him on a golden pedestal! There's no better time for this blog then the night before mother's day,I wouldn't be a mother without him;without THEM.Contrary to my last blog about the ugliness of sibling rivalry there is such beauty to seeing the people YOU brought into this world dust each other off when they fall & laugh together. Being a mom is probably the most bittersweet occupation a woman can have. My mother said after her birthday seeing all of her adult children at dinner, "I had an epiphany after dinner last night as the kids were standing about 10 ft. away from me.. getting money out of the ATM and settling who owed who what .. and I watched them interact with each other... THIS HUGE ( or so it appeared lol) cluster of adults and young adults.. Jared (my 11 yr. old brother to go with those 3 younger sisters) included because at his Dr. apt. the other day he's 5'7" and fit right in .. AND I was in awe... of how spectacular MY lil creations are!!! I birthed or because of my DNA extended to everyone standing there! they giggled.. chatted .. BICKERED ( as if they were 12!) and were uniquely.. EACH .. breathtaking magnificent contributions to this world... and @ that moment.. I had a wonderful Birthday..."

AWWWW! I am saying tonight that there is no greater gift then my family who are loving to each other out of choice not obligation,just because they are,and that they love me just because they do....that is my mothers day gift.Happy mother's day to the real moms...the ones that get frustrated then feel guilty for it,the ones that hurt just because their child hurts,the ones that get a headache trying to 'do-it-all' The one's that are a mother because they want to do the best they can to leave a positive legacy,You deserve a blessed day tomorrow!
p.s. I feel like a criminal and this is my guilty plea I may have sort-of,accidentally saw what Chloe made me at school.I swear it was an honest was peeking from her window sill when i went to get her laundry...wonder if i'm right about what it's what i saw (ashamed)

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