Thursday, May 27, 2010

Im gonna squish you like a bug!

WHY HOW OH WHY DO KIDS HAVE TO BE SO MEAN!? GRRRRR I'm so angry I wish I could be 8 (no 10 so I'd be bigger) for 5 minutes to kick some ass on Chloe's behalf then go back to being her mommy and stick my tongue out at them while they cry home to their mommy!
I know I sound like I'm being juvenile about her getting picked on BUT it's my job to defend her and I go above and beyond to make sure she has stylish clothes & her hairs always cute just to avoid this so she can focus on her edjumacation!
It happened to me when I was a little kid and boy it stunk! I was either called Miss Piggy or just ran away from when I came to sit with people,which is exactly what happened to my Punkin today >:(

I remember my mom playing with my hair & telling me the other kids were jealous & kids are just mean & that their opinions didn't matter. I didn't care it still hurt feeling like something was wrong with me.Praise the LORD there's just two more days of school because it's taking everything in me not to go down there and tell those big bad 8 yr. olds what I think of them! (hey cut me slack it's my instinct.)
I picked her up and she was sobbing because of a rumor that was spread as to why she missed a couple days of school and she had hid in the nurses office the remainder of the day,flashbacks.If only I could have understood that what my mom said when it was happening to me was true.If only i knew the magic words to take her pain away.If only i could put a sign on those kids backs that says "kick me."

HOW could anyone be mean to her?!
Also, If you wanna make my kids laugh really hard serve them a yummy bowl of nutritious Booty Cereal for their first meal of the day.that what they call it,it looks like booty.they can't eat it cause they think its too do I.


  1. Oh do I remember the same stuff happening to me. Kids are so mean and what’s sad, is they will only understand when they are older and have kids of there own. I’m so not looking forward to this kind of stuff with Clover.

  2. Aw Mel I'm sorry! That's so hard to see something you love so much hurt like that. GRRR.

  3. thanks ladies...i thought for sure it wouldn't happen to her :( I thought I taught her to stand up for herself,but I taught her to be sweet and put her tail between her legs i'm crushed sooo crushed I wanna keep her home for the las two days but I also don't want her to be afraid,I edited the blog those little twirps were hideous to her :(

  4. Well, at least you can find a little comfort in knowing that the kids who picked on your sweet Chloe will most likely be the ones washing her Mercedes when they are adults. Or taking her order at McDonalds. Or fanning her with a banana leaf and feeding her grapes while she lays in a hammock and sifts through her piles of cash.

    Basically, Chloe is destined for success and happiness because that's what you have instilled in her, these kids obviously don't have solid role models and have learned that picking on people is how you deal with insecurity. So... in reality, sucks for them!

  5. Mrs. Beer! That was really insightful! I'm not gonna say I'm shocked cause I'm not but you're eloquent & witty way of speaking never ceases to amaze me :)
    I guess I will sat it without saying it, look at the 3 ladies who are writing the comments on this blog now.I guess that's solid enough proof for your statement:) xoxoo

  6. I meant say* it without saying it

  7. Oh if only our children were viewed by others as we see them, reminds me of this adorable Barbie doll beauty I once knew, I couldnt imagine ANYONE not being just totally taken by her, and YET it was a teacher in 8th grade who told her she better start practicing saying "welcome to mcdonalds" cuz thats as far as she would go in life... her mother went in asked if this was correct, and the teacher replied she had 34students per class and couldnt possibly remember..the teacher was told "NOW you have 33 in one of your classes!" and sent her precious Barbie doll to clean out her locker.. (ONLY to find security behind her as if she was breaking some law of sorts!)We will never fully understand the total concept of the peer exchange.. school is a war zone on the lil spirit im convinced, but the world is harsher so we love them.. let them share.. and wink and tell them to picture everyone as if theyre standing with only their underwear on!!

  8. OMG I REMEMBER THAT ! i LOVE YOU ANONYMOUS MOMMY! If only you coulda B-slapped her....if only :/ xoxoxo