Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Taking it for the team!

I was sitting back this morning while Caleb played drums on my head and little drops of coffee spilled on my pajama pants,This observation DID NOT bother me and the fact that i wasn't bothered got me thinking,"Which point in time was it that I became so self sacrificing I FORGOT who I was?" and, "why don't I care? is it what's in my nature?" Then my little Mel hamster wheel really got spinning....WOW I DO A LOT OF STUFF I NEVER WOULDA DONE BEFORE KIDS!

EXAMPLE.A. Amusement Parks & Festivals: Ya I like doing that stuff and LOVE seeing my family have the time of their life but there's just one little hiccup,the kids usually have to be accompanied by an adult on the rides they wanna ride & that adult is usually mommy cause daddy thinks it's funny I'm such a chicken and I like to prove to him i can be a brave soldier just like my 8 yr.old even though inside my head I'm asking God to please not let this be my last day of life and please let me get off the ride in one piece.Gotta take it for the team & face my fears regularly. hehehehe

EXAMPLE B.Humiliation:For those of you who don't know my husbands whole side of the family are bowlers.seriously GOOD bowlers,just about all of em have been on a league at one point in time or another....my side of the family NOT SO MUCH,BUT I MARRIED SOMEONE WHO REALLY LIKES GOING TO DO IT and its an inexpensive way to entertain your kids in Vegas.I don't know if i have bad hand eye coordination or what but I'm REALLY REALLY GOOD AT GETTING GUTTER-BALLS!I even like to pretend i get them on purpose,however it's really embarrassing to suck so bad while my husband and his little mini meez get spares & strikes,I don't like bowling and bowling doesn't like me gotta take it for the team and embarrass myself regularly.

EXAMPLE C. I wanted to dress as Marylin Monroe but my little cuties wanted me to go with their theme,if they'd have wanted me to dress as a hot-dog I would have.WHY? Because something that seems so simple will give them a good childhood memory and put an extra sparkle in their eye...they're my whole world.I like sparkles in their eyes:) Gotta take one for the team and hope I'm not too old to dress as Marylin Monroe by the time I can.

EXAMPLE D. SLEEP IS OVER-RATED. In my house there's 6 birthdays,the tooth fairy will visit more times then i can count,family vacations,school plays & field trips & all the holidays,these provoke my little ones heart rates to go up so they can't fall or stay asleep.cute huh?right.when Santa does his job at 1 am & finishes whenever then Santa gets startled awake just a couple hours later by cuties hardly able to contain their joy...Santa ends up a little loopy at his/hers grandmas house for Christmas dinner.gotta take one for the team & forgo beauty rest before anything exciting for the next 18 yrs!
{Disclaimer.It probably sounds like i'm complaining,quite the opposite actually! i'm in awe about how much self sacrificing a parent does and a lot of it is done joyfully just for the sake of making your family happy}Hope you had a good day everyone :)


  1. You do it all cause your an awsome mommy!!!!


  3. hmmmmmmm.... taking it for the team.... let me see...the truth behind your husband finding so much amusement in you entering into deeo intercession before Our Lord and Savior on the merry go round or bumper cars.. Is he's HONESTLY trying to figure out how YOU could come from a family of thrill seekers.. (and he KNOWS this because your MOTHER.. (not me .. but HER) Is HIS #1 pick for anything that promises swallowing your heart or RESWALLOWING your lunch...)

    #2 the bowling thingy.. Yea Yea so a Kramer can bowl.. OK.. HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE LEAGUE OUTFITS!!!!????????????? HELLO!!!!!!! We could be disqualified from the really ridiculously good looking society.. and your sisters worked really hard to have minimal "public" appearances with the "parents" and weekly league outings.. (not to mention those shoes!) would have been more than any of them could handle.. UNLESS of course Burberry Or Louis V goes "Lane 2" then we could reconsider...
    #3 Santa ... DO YOU REALLY WANT ME TO BLOG ON THIS SUBJECT???? ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO .... Let me see how to put this.... Christmas isnt just foe kids... IF YOU want to find ways to stay buisy till the wee ones are sound asleep .... YOU know your dad and I had the Systems down to a science.. up until his knees grew weak and my lower back went out ... THE ONLY reason your up till one is YOUR
    family raised you thinking NOTHING gets put under the tree till Christmas Eve.. FOR ME .. that could also include but not limited to one said Kramer father/son/husband having the paramedics (as charming as they are) in my dining room at the wee hrs of sunrise... about an hr before the alarm going off where one gets up to have a complete breakfast, coffee, music,lights,candles, and warm smile waiting for the family!!! OH WAIT.. YOU STILL WAKE UP TO THAT DONT YOU DEAR!!!!! there's a tradition .. I think Im ready to pass on !!! LOL LOL LOL NOTE TO SELF: "break it to the girls next year THEY get the "secret frenchtoast recipe" to make for ME!!! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww their gonna be mad!!! = )

  4. I'm loving the blogs, Mel! By the way, the Halloween picture is friggen adorable!!!!

    I think about how constantly I'm self-sacrificing without a break and woe-is-me and etc etc, then I think of you with four kids. Holy moly.

    You're doing an amazing job! I'm impressed!!!

  5. thanks Sof!! When are we gonna initiate our fabulous bloggin mom club?????