Friday, May 14, 2010

I wish I was a hermaphrodite octopus!

There seriously is truth behind the title of this blog as ridiculous as it seems. Here would be the benefits to being a hermaphrodite octopus! (this statement isn't meant to insult any hermaphrodite octopus' rather state that i'm jealous so if the term is politically incorrect or insults any hermaphrodite octopus' I apologize in advance)
A. I could change diapers,talk on the phone to Wes,cook,help with homework & kiss boo boos all at once!
I could relate to the different sexes in my household because sometimes i really don't understand my son like when he has his hand in his pants or is using his sisters legs as a hot-wheels track or playing the drums with my shoes on the coffee table...the girls didn't do that stuff and i think if i understood him i could occupy him better! (any suggestions towards understanding & entertaining a toddler male is appreciated.)
C.I could still relate to the females in my house while multi-tasking because i would be half male half female.

Also on another note,I want to share some of the precious,witty or silly things my children say and also document them for when they get older so every once in awhile i'll blog about the mini Kramer quotes:)
Chloe: "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit." Meaning "GIRLS DON'T WHINE OR COMPLAIN IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT YOU HAVE."genius.
"I'd rather share the Warm fuzzies then the cold prickles" Meaning,you catch more flies with honey then vinegar. Sadie:"Hannah,you care more about that bug then the bug cares about you!" Meaning,quit being a sissy,You're a million times it's size!" Hannah:"I would like to be your serpent your highnesty"Meaning"i would like to be your servant your majesty/highness" LOL I love them...tooooo much <3>


  1. Quotes from our children are my favorite favorite FAVORITE!

  2. well.... I FOR ONE ...wouldnt want to be the "proud" parent of a hermaphrodite octopus... political or NOT ... Correct OR Not... thats just a CREEPER..
    Second... Boys perceive ALL OBJECTS anamated or INANIMATE as a potential matchbox ramp or jungle gym.. IF YOU do the same??? your at a good starting point.. ALSO if you can preceive ALL household goods as a musical instrument.. you will go far as a potential playmate runner up... Food for thought ...
    Third... wisdom for the ages starts with out of the mouth of babes... I.E. HYPOTHETICALLY IF MY GRANDAUGHTER :cough cough HANNAH: SAID "GRANDMA... I WANT TO COME TO YOUR HOUSE, MOM'S GOING TO ASK YOU TO BABYSIT :head shaking YES up down up down like a Yankees bobblehead in a 1965 Mustang:there's good points and not so good in EVERYthing they say.... IT'S A MATTER of TRANSLATION!!!!!!!